DIY Walnut Crackers: Big Time Buster

All over the internet the term "diy" is getting big play. "DIY" - meaning do it yourself. You know, there are some things you simply should not do yourself. You should not try a "diy" divorce. There is no reason to attempt a "diy" surgery. And when it comes to a diy walnut cracker, that is about as a productive use of time as a diy funeral. 

I cannot think of a better time buster than spending your time trying a manufacture your own walnut cracker. The truth is that there are plenty of affordable and effective walnut cracker machines on the market.


Take, for instance, the Drill Cracker. The Drill Cracker can fill a 5 gallon bucket of perfectly cracked wallnuts in under 5 minutes - making it perfect for residential and light commercial usage.

Drill Cracker

And if we do not need a nut cracking machine that is that fast and one that is considerably less expensive, the Master Cracker cracks walnuts as well as anything most of us will ever build in our wildest dreams. The Master Cracker costs less than $100, is made out of steel, and will last a life-time. But even if you are seriously budget conscious, you could be cracking walnuts tomorrow with the Get Crackin' - which is also made out of steel and is a very good hard shell nut cracker.

So the next time someone suggest that you build a DIY walnut cracker, unless you are just someone who enjoys iron works, tell them to consider more worthwhile diy alternatives, such as a diy vertical garden.

Published on  August 23rd, 2017