Black Walnut Picker Upper

by Kerry Clabaugh

Holt's Nut Wizard for Black Walnuts; also available for pecans, sweet gum balls, acorns and more

If you are expecting a big black walnut harvest this season, there is one nut picker upper tool you cannot afford to be without: the Holt's Nut Wizard. The Holt's Nut Wizard will save your back a lot of aches and pain. It picks up your black walnuts for you - so you do not have to bend over. It's an amazing device.

How does it work? It's actually pretty ingenious. The nut wizard is simply a cylindrical wire basket attached to a wooden handle. When you push the handle with the basket on the ground, the basket rolls. Once the basket rolls over an object, the wires open up and trap the object inside. Using the nut wizard picking up black walnuts off the ground is painless, fast, and easy.

Additionally, you will find that the nut wizard  can pick up items other than black walnuts. Indeed because of its versatility, it is referred to by its many names, including a  nut gatherer, nut picker, nut roller, gum ball picker, nut picker-upper, basket nut tool, nut grabber, yard roller, walnut roller, walnut tool, nut tool, lawn sweeper, walnut rake, lawn whisk, nut collector, acorn rake, sweet gum ball rake, acorn gatherer, acorn picker upper, pecan picker upper, walnut picker upper, pecan retriever, and sticky ball collector."

The nut wizard comes in a variety of sizes and you need to select the size that is appropriate for what you are trying to pick up.  For instance, there is an appropriate sized nut wizard picker upper for brass casings, which is a different size than the picker upper for black walnuts. The small nut wizard is the right size if you are looking for a pecan picker upper. If you need a shot gun shell picker upper, a golf ball picker upper, an English walnut picker upper or a large pecan picker upper, then you need the Holt's medium nut wizard.

Your back will thank you for getting the Holts Nut Wizard.

Published on  August 23rd, 2017