Get Crackin'

 Every black walnut lover has been there before.  You have harvested plenty of black walnuts and now you are going through the age old ritual of figuring out the best way to crack them.  It's an age old ritual because black walnuts have always been among the most difficult nuts to crack, despite their circular shape. 


Well there is a great black walnut cracking machine on the market that makes cracking black walnuts a simple and darn near pleasant process, the Get Crackin' black walnut cracking machine.  The Get Crackin' works like a charm. It's made of steel and it is very inexpensive - considering that it is a 100% steel nut cracking machine that actually works.  The Get Crackin' gently crushes black walnuts by the use of a steel housing compartment that holds the black walnut shell.  When the user pushes down on an action lever, the housing compartment gently presses against the black walnut, causing the black walnut to gently and easily crack. It is truly that simple and is quite the nut cracking machine. Because the cracking process is gentle, you will not lose any nut meat. You can also use the Get Crackin' as a Brazillian Walnut cracking machine or as a Macadameia nut cracker.

Black Walnut Cracker- Get Crackin'

But for those of you who are tyying to earn money harvesting black walnuts, the Get Crackin' is not a practicable solution becuase it cracks nuts one by one.  What you need is a black walnut cracking tool that can quickly handle large quantities.  In the words of Al Pacino, "say hello to my little friend," the "Drill Cracker."  The Drill Cracker spits out cracked black walnuts by the bucket full in a matter of seconds.  Let me be more precise, if you give the Drill Cracker five minutes, it will give you 5 gallons of perfectly cracked black walnuts.


Drill Cracker Black Walnut Cracker

So regardless of your situation, there are practical black walnut cracking tools available to help you with your walnut cracking needs.  If you are cracking black walnuts solely for your own use, then the Get Crackin' is the way to go.  However, if you are running a small black walnut business or have larger quantities of black walnuts, the Drill Cracker is right for you.






Published on  August 21st, 2016